35 Ways to Make Customers Smile

It doesn’t take much to make customers smile. It just takes a little thought and a little effort.

  1. Call them by name.
  2. Listen closely to them, without interrupting.
  3. Write them personalized “Thank you” notes.
  4. Refer business to them.
  5. Tell them

The 4 Secrets of Building Rapport Quickly with a Prospect

Think about your sales call from the prospect’s point of view. They don’t know you well and so they are guarded. Help them feel comfortable with you as a person before discussing what you sell.

Here are some suggestions to …

Overused Words and Phrases to Avoid in a Sales Call

If you’re like me, you encounter countless overused words andphrases in a sales situation. When I hear them, my attention level goes right down. I’m distracted and I stop listening closely to the speaker.  I ask myself “Don’t they know

7 Things You Should Never Do During a Sales Call

Don’t sabotage yourself by misbehaving on a sales call. Understanding how to conduct yourself with a prospect supports all your good product knowledge and your understanding of your industry. Bad behavior can make it irrelevant.

1. Never underestimate the value

What 3 Businesses Are You In?

Many of you are in small-businesses, working with and supplying other businesses. You sell a specific product or service. And some of you have been doing this for many years. But I’m guessing that you don’t have the volume of …

“I Was Lucky!”

I recently heard Dr. Mark Hillman, an individual and corporate therapist, speak about Sales Call Reluctance. He is a highly engaging speaker with an interesting mix of humor and directness to his topics.

As part of his talk, he listed …

End Your 2011 Sales Year with a Bang!

The year is almost over, and you still have time for a last minute push to meet (or exceed) your sales goal. The overall rule with these tips is to let the end-of-quarter and end-of-year time frames work in your …

Fifteen Ways to Lose a Sale

As difficult as it is to land a sale, it can be incredibly easy to lose one. Our behaviors and attitudes always need to be positive. We need to be tuned in to the prospect throughout the call, and focused …

Sales Lessons Learned from Godiva Chocolatier

Some clients are more fun than others. That was true for me with Godiva Chocolatier. I worked with them for six years, delivering countless workshops and talks on sales and customer service. They were a great client. Fun, open to …

Do You Have Customers from Mars?

Some customers make me think they are from a distant planet. They’re the ones that ask me the bizarro questions that I can’t even begin to understand, let alone answer.  They ask questions that begin with “I know this is