35 Ways to Make Customers Smile

It doesn’t take much to make customers smile. It just takes a little thought and a little effort.

  1. Call them by name.
  2. Listen closely to them, without interrupting.
  3. Write them personalized “Thank you” notes.
  4. Refer business to them.
  5. Tell them how much you’ve learned from them.
  6. Ask their opinion.
  7. Take them to lunch and don’t talk about business.
  8. Offer them suggestions.
  9. Tell them how much you value their business.
  10. Ask great questions to get them thinking.
  11. Ask to shadow them, learning more about their business.
  12. Encourage them with sincere support.
  13. Ask them about what’s important to their customers.
  14. Remember their birthdays.
  15. Post something about them on social media.
  16. Offer to help them solve a problem.
  17. Give them the respect they deserve.
  18. Be honest with them.
  19. Spread good news about them.
  20. Encourage them to try something new.
  21. Show up early.
  22. Give them a personal compliment.
  23. Show up for your morning meeting with coffee and bagels for everyone.
  24. Give without expecting to get back.
  25. Empathize with their challenges and victories.
  26. Help them see the bigger picture.
  27. Ask how you can help.
  28. Sponsor them in charitable fundraisers.
  29. Display a sense of urgency.
  30. Ask how business is going.
  31. Be patient with them.
  32. Help them make great decisions.
  33. Inspire them to succeed.
  34. Check in with them if you haven’t heard from them lately.
  35. Observe them without judging them.