Each of us needs a little extra help sometimes in solving a business challenge, which is why I coach people across the country. Where most business coaches offer assistance in your overall work, my coaching is much more focused. I can help you in the following areas:

Sales Coaching

This is the bulk of my coaching work. I help experienced salespeople and sales managers, as well as “reluctant salespeople.”
These are business owners and self-employed individuals who love their products or service but don’t like selling. Together we develop skills, tactics, and strategies to improve performance. I work on general selling skills or focus on a specific skill or prospect.

This coaching is done over the telephone, allowing you to fit our sessions into your schedule easily.

Productivity coaching

Years ago, when I was a salesperson, I learned how to manage my time, allowing me to be more effective. Now, I use the lessons I learned to coach people on how they can be more productive.

My coaching topics include:

  • Setting priorities, for you or your team
  • How to say “no,” and protect your time
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • How to set goals, in your personal and business life
  • Running an effective meeting

This coaching is also done over the telephone, allowing you to easily fit our sessions into your schedule.

Presentation skills coaching

Being asked to present is one of the greatest opportunities a person can have in business. It’s a chance to show what you know. It’s an opportunity to influence and persuade customers, senior management or co-workers. It is also a challenge for many people, especially if they are anxious about speaking to a group.

My one-on-one coaching sessions are done in person. We can work on an upcoming presentation or presenting in general. I videotape you, and we discuss what you did well, and what you could do differently in the future.

Some of my coaching topics include:

  • Analyzing your audience
  • Setting strong presentation goals
  • Delivering a dynamic presentation
  • Supporting your presentation with great visuals
  • PowerPoint do’s and taboo’s

These sessions usually last three hours each and are done on-site.