Speaking Topics

I can work with you to generate a theme specific to your organization, or I can speak to your group on one of the following topics. All of my talks are insightful and high-energy, perfect for a key-note, a national sales meeting, or a kick-off event.

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“Stop! You’re Beginning to Annoy Your Customer!

Salespeople can get carried away by describing what they are selling.  Instead of engaging the customer, their enthusiasm can quickly turn off their customers. Or, their persistence can result in aggravation. This humorous talk describes the traps that salespeople can fall into, and how to steer clear of them.

“9 Keys to Active Listening”

Listening is critical in every job, regardless of what you do. This highly interactive talk guides the audience through 9 key steps to becoming a
strong and active listener.

“Just a Minute: What You Can Accomplish in 60 Seconds”

Salespeople are always focused on how much they have to get done, and how little time they have to do it in. This fun-filled and clever talk
shows how you can get more done than you thought, and in less time!

“Deliver a Slam-Bam Presentation”

Presenting to an audience, regardless of size, can be a challenge. This lively talk demonstrates some simple tips and techniques to help create and deliver a winning presentation.

“5 Steps to Build Up Your Business Through Referrals”

Getting referrals is a skill that is part of the sales process, just like probing or closing. But many salespeople skip this step and don’t take advantage of this great prospecting tool. This active and engaging talk demonstrates how attracting more business is simpler than you think.

“Top Ten Sales Dos and Taboos”

A lighthearted and insightful look at the behaviors, attitudes, and tactics that salespeople use with prospects and customers. Some of them are winners, and some of them should be avoided.

“Selling Doesn’t Have to be Scary”

This talk is designed for anyone who sees selling as the least favorite part of their job. It is a fun and insightful talk to help those who have a hard time calling prospects or customers or are afraid that customers will say “No,” every time.