I remember the first training workshop I attended.   It was three days of sales training, and it changed my life.   I learned that selling has a specific proven structure, and there are tools and techniques to help me work with my customers.  My self-confidence in selling went up dramatically after that workshop, as did my sales results. I was hooked on the business value of training.

Many training providers tend to offer a broad menu of programs.  They offer anything and everything.

I’m different.

My business is different.

I’m a specialist.  I only offer programs that help you with your customers.  My focus is on sales, customer service, negotiations, and presenting.

My concept of training is simple:  involve the learner.  All of my workshops, from half-day to multi-day, are highly interactive, allowing people to participate in their own learning.

I welcome the chance to help you develop and enhance your organization’s skills.