Fifteen Ways to Lose a Sale

As difficult as it is to land a sale, it can be incredibly easy to lose one. Our behaviors and attitudes always need to be positive. We need to be tuned in to the prospect throughout the call, and focused on what’s important to them. Here are a few things to avoid:

1. Assume that every prospect is the same, with identical needs and wants.

2. Arrive late for the sales call, and don’t acknowledge it.

3. Assume you know enough about your prospect, their business, their competition and their industry.

4. Deliver a canned presentation, minimizing the energy and enthusiasm in your voice.

5. Be annoyed when the prospect asks a question, interrupting your presentation.

6. When the prospect is speaking, instead of listening to them, focus on what you are going to say next.

7. Do all of the talking during the sales call. Tell them how great you, your product and your company are.

8. Be slow in answering or following-up to a prospect’s request or inquiry.

9. Promise the prospect the moon and the stars, knowing you cannot deliver.

10. Allow the prospect to control the sales call by focusing on price early in the call.

11. Call the prospect “you” instead of using their name.

12.  Only ask closed-ended questions, not allowing the prospect to expand on their answers.

13.  Ask the prospect for a commitment too early in the sales process.

14.  Make assumptions about the volume of business they could give you.

15.  Assume that you did a great job in that sales call, and think about how much you are looking forward to the next one.