End Your 2011 Sales Year with a Bang!

The year is almost over, and you still have time for a last minute push to meet (or exceed) your sales goal. The overall rule with these tips is to let the end-of-quarter and end-of-year time frames work in your favor.

 Here we go:

 1. Remember the customers who said they had to “think it over?” Call them and carefully remind them that they have had a lot of time to review your ideas. It’s time for them to act.

 2. Add-on to a sale. Sell just one more product per order. These can be simple sales and can quickly add up.

 3. Check to see if you have customers who need to spend money in 2011, even if they don’t take delivery until 2012. You’ll be surprised at how many businesses need to spend money before December 31st.

 4. Call the prospects who have been giving you the brush-off.  Talk with them about how you could help them with their first-quarter goals.

 5. Each time you speak with someone, whether you land a sale or not, ask  for a referral. Contact those referrals immediately. Again, let the approaching deadline work in your favor.

 6. Who were your best customers in 2011? Schedule a meeting with each of them. This is a combination of “Thank for the business” and planning for 2012.

 7. Review the proposals that are still not closed. Is there any life in them? If yes, jump on them.

 8. The best way to start off the New Year is by lining up sales calls for January. You’ll go through the holidays with a totally optimistic outlook.