Sales: The Most Fun You Can Have at Work

Sales = Fun.

I know not everybody agrees with that formula. In fact, many people strongly disagree. But let me tell why I it’s true for me.

First, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people, who work in a wide variety of businesses. These people come from various backgrounds, each with interesting experiences and world views.

Second, selling allows me to learn about different products and services, like soda bottlers, cosmetics producers, chocolate creators and health care providers. Not to mention grocery vendors, cruise ship companies, and gas and electricity suppliers. And that’s just a few.

That’s fun to me. And we’re not even to the point where we are working together. This is just the sales process, the beginning of the relationship. This is the part where we learn about each other and work hard to identify and solve a problem. This is where they tell me what they think they need, and I either agree or suggest an alternative. It’s about being quick on my feet, and adapting to situations. It’s about being able to come up with solutions that make sense. It’s about being creative, nimble and open. But it is never, ever about me forcing something onto them. Selling is about collaborating, right from the beginning of the relationship.

See why I think sales is fun? It can be fun for you as well. It starts with your mind-set. If you think selling is drudgery, you will probably make it so. And, if you see it as a job filled with wonderful opportunities, you can make that come true as well.

I’ll take it one step further. Customers come in all different shapes, sizes and temperaments. I even like working with the difficult ones. They can be a challenge, but that’s the part I enjoy, figuring out how to work with them so that they enjoy this as much as I do.

Want to have some fun this week? Try selling. Open yourself to the possibilities and opportunities that are out there. Strive for fun. Everything else will follow.