I Cannot Make a Sales Call at 8:00AM

I cannot make a sales call at 8:00AM. It’s too early. My prospects are probably still commuting. I’m better off waiting for them to get to their offices and settle in. I don’t want to irritate them at such an early hour. Who would want to start their day listening to a sales pitch? No, I’m better off waiting a while.

I cannot make a sales call at 10:00AM. I mean, really.  They need some time to get a cup of coffee, stretch their legs, and chat with their co-workers. I would only be annoying them if I called now. Sales call? It’ll have to wait just a little bit longer.

I cannot make a sales call at 11:30AM. Way too close to lunch. No one likes to be called when they’re eating. It’s rude, don’t you think? I wouldn’t like it if a salesperson called me during my lunch break, and I would probably never buy anything from that salesperson. No, I’m not going to risk losing a prospect because I didn’t keep an eye on the clock. Making sales calls at 11:30AM is out of the question. It will wait until after lunch.

I cannot make a sales call at 1:00PM. My prospects are probably just back from lunch, and they need time to get settled in back at their desks. They need time to focus on the rest of the day, and everything they have to get done this afternoon. I don’t want to rush them or distract them. No one likes a pushy salesperson. Me call my prospects now? Not on your life. I’ll wait.

I cannot make a sales call at 2:00PM. My prospects are probably in meetings, and the last thing I want to do is interrupt. Afternoon meetings are always so important. My prospects probably have lots of important things to do and ideas to discuss. My sales call wouldn’t stand a chance. I’m better off waiting a little.

I cannot make a sales call at 3:00PM. It’s the middle of the afternoon, and my prospects are beginning to realize how much is left to do before the end of the day. If I call now, I’ll just be getting in their way. They won’t be able to finish their work because of me. Not a good way to make a favorable impression.  Now would be a terrible time to call.  I’ll hold off just a bit.

I cannot make a sales call at 4:30PM. I don’t want to look desperate. And I don’t want to appear rude for calling late in the day. They’d be asking themselves why I waited until the end of the day to call them. Not to mention that my prospects are all probably starting to think about going home soon. My calls would be really annoying if I called now.  I know that I would be really aggravated if a salesperson called me now. 

I cannot make a sales call after 5:00pm. My prospects have all probably left work. They’re probably on their way home. Their day is done. Sounds like a good idea. I should head home as well. Rest up for tomorrow. Another busy day calling prospects.