Your Customer’s First 30 Days

Your customer is no longer a prospect. They have placed an order with your company. A lot is riding on this initial order. And a lot is riding on what happens within the first 30 days of working with you. They are very impressionable Here are a few things to consider:

1. They don’t really know you. Yes, they got to know you a little before placing the order, but they are still a little anxious. Perfect opportunity to make them feel comfortable.

2. They don’t know how and when you are going to be in touch with them. Tell them. Reassure them that you will be reaching out to them. Give them a schedule.

3. They don’t want to annoy with dumb questions. Another great opportunity to reach out, after aniticipating what questions and concerns they might have.

4. They don’t know anyone but you. Introduce your team, not only by name and function, but how they will help them. Have your team members call and introduce themselves.

5. They don’t feel that you know their team. Take it upon yourself to learn all about their team. Team member’s names, functions, history with the company, etc.

6. They don’t think you know enough about their customers. Suggest that you spend a day visiting their location, learning everything you can about their customers. Listen in on customer calls, go on customer sales calls, interview key team members, etc.

7. They don’t know what they don’t know. Set up a regular telephone call once a week for the first month where they can ask any question and you can bring up ideas and suggestions.

Don’t let them wander. Anticipate their questions. Put yourself in their shoes.  Listen to their concerns, and learn and adapt for your next new customer.

Keep this new customer close by. You don’t want to lose them because you weren’t paying attention.