The 4 Questions Your Prospect is Asking Themselves

Every prospect has a list of questions they use to filter out new salespeople. The more prepared you are to answer these questions, the more successful your sales calls will be.

Focus on making your prospect comfortable with you and your company.

1.   Who is this person, and do I want to do business with them?

Your prospect will give you no more than 10 seconds to make a positive first impression. They’ll judge you immediately on how you’re dressed and groomed, as well as your eye contact, facial expression, handshake and the initial greeting and introduction. All of these characteristics and behaviors will contribute to your prospect’s initial impression of you. If you manage it well, you’ve created an opportunity. If you miss something, you may have created an impossible roadblock for yourself.

2.  What do I know about this person’s company, and do I want to work with them?

Don’t make assumptions about what they do or don’t know about you. Early in the call, make the prospect comfortable by talking about your capabilities and successes with companies similar to theirs.

3.  What this company is selling – don’t I already have a source for it?

In all likelihood, the prospect already has a source for a product or service similar to yours. Identify how your product is different. Don’t be afraid to be explicit. Many times, prospects need you to connect the dots for them. Present them a solution, not a series of facts and features.

4.  What is this going to cost?

When you first meet a prospect, they are primarily focused on The Price, and to a much lesser degree, The Value. Your job is to reverse that focus. Demonstrate to them how your product will deliver value, even if it costs a bit more than the competition. Show them how this will improve their business.

When you go on your initial sales call with a new prospect, don’t be afraid of them. Realize what a great opportunity this is for you. But, also understand that this is a great opportunity for your prospect as well. They need solutions and you’ve got them.