Social Media Guidelines

Many people are on the different forms of social media, but they’re sometimes not sure why. They have a group of followers, or connections, but don’t really know what to do with them. This is expecially true of LinkedIn. While Facebook is fun and interactive, LinkedIn seems more serious. That’s because it’s primarily focused on creating and maintaining a busness network, not a group of friends. Here are the three basic guidleines I suggest to my clients about using social media:

1. Be involved. Got in the game. Post about yourself. It’s okay, I promise.

2. Be interesting. All of us in your network want to learn about your successes and your new projects and your challenges. What books are you reading that you recommend? What we don’t want is a direct, or hard, sell. Social media is all about the soft sell. If you continue to have posts similar to this, “I have the best widget at the cheapest price. Call me to learn more!” you will see a drop-off in your connections.

3. Be generous. Social media is all about sharing. If you read an intersting article, post the link so we can read it as well. If you have had an interesting experience, share it with us. I went to Alaska last November to do training for the U. S. Coast Guard. While I was there, I took many pictures, some of which I posted. I was surprised (and delighted) by many positive comments I received, thanking me for the pictures. That’s how I learned about the value of sharing.

So, go forth and post. Just remember the three guidlelines: be involved, be interesting, and be generous.

All of us look forward to your posts.