Great, You Got the Sales Appointment. Now What?

Getting an appointment with a prospect is a big deal. It can be an anxiety-producing, nervous-making process. But, you got the appointment, so congratulate yourself on a job well done! Now, it’s time to plan your sales call.

First, let’s acknowledge that you are probably a little bit nervous about meeting this person. Just keep in mind, the prospect said yes to meeting you because of something you said or something you offer. It’s important to remember that you are welcome. This should help a little bit with your nerves.

Next, learn all you can about the prospect and their company. Examine their business.  Learn about their customers and their competitors.  What are their recent business successes and challenges?

Next, be clear what you want to accomplish in this meeting. Write it down and have it clearly in mind when you are with your prospect.

Lastly, how will your product or service help your prospect? Will it make them more profitable? More efficient? More productive? The answers to these questions are the foundation of your presentation to your prospect.