Are You Selling the Way Your Customers Prefer to Buy?

Not all customers are the same. I learned that lesson years ago when I was just beginning to sell. Actually, I didn’t learn it right away. I understood the concept intellectually, but it was several years before I learned it on a practical level.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The trick is to internalize it so that it becomes second nature. It is all about adapting to other people’s preferences. Many times, this is referred to as adapting to a person’s “style.” This ability to adapt is the sign of a skilled, professional salesperson.

Here are some examples of customer styles:

  • RESULTS:  This customer wants it now. They value taking action, and welcome risks and challenges.
  • RELATIONSHIPS:  This customer is friendly and enthusiastic and values learning about you.
  • HARMONY:  This customer likes stability, process, and knowing how something is going to work.
  • ACCURACY:  This customer wants it done precisely. They like evidence and testimonials.

The most successful salespeople are those who can identify another person’s style, and then adapt to it. In effect, they are speaking the other person’s language. When you are selling, it is always about adapting to the customer. It is never about waiting for them to adapt to you.

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