5 Selling Mistakes We Can Avoid

1.¬† We shouldn’t expect prospects to buy from us if we aren’t proud of what we are selling. We need to speak about our product or service with emotion, letting prospects and customers know that we are “excited,” “passionate,” and “thrilled”‘ about what we sell.

2.¬† We shouldn’t expect to get business if we don’t ask for it. It’s the number one reason we don’t get business. Part of this is sales call reluctance, or not wanting to be in sales. Another reason is when the salesperson is convinced the prospect wants to buy and waits for them to say so.

3. We shouldn’t expect our business to grow if we don’t generate and pursue leads. Whether we call it the funnel or the pipeline, we need to be ¬†constantly filling it with new prospects. All of us have had that scary experience of suddenly realizing that our current business is about to run out, and we have nothing in the pipeline.

4. We shouldn’t expect our customers to stay loyal if we don’t follow up. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But we lose a lot of business by not doing what we promised.

5. We shouldn’t expect our prospects to accept our prices if we can’t explain them. We need to be totally comfortable with the price and value of what we sell.