Sales Training Workshops

I remember the first sales training workshop I attended.  Until then, I didn’t know that sales had a structure, that there was something called the Sales Process.  And there was something else called the Sales Cycle. It was a real eye opener.

My workshops are designed to help open your eyes.  I give you the skills, systems and structure to enhance your selling approach.  My workshops help you become a successful, professional salesperson.

My goal is for you to benefit from my years in sales and sales management.


Influencing Skills for Salespeople

Designed for every salesperson, regardless of experience.  This workshop has a single goal: to increase a salesperson’s ability to influence and persuade customers and prospects.  By using the DiSC Personal Profile, participants will learn their own selling style as well as the buying style of their customers.  Workshop topics include:

  • Learning and applying language that increases personal power
  • Discovering how to adapt to a customer’s style
  • How to ask questions that are powerful but not threatening
  • Listening skills that boost your influence
  • How to control a conversation without dominating it
  • The 4 ways to convey sincerity
  • Empathy – your stealth skill!
  • Reinforcing your case by using testimonials and proof
  • How to use repetition to increase your influence
  • The 6 keys of body language that will influence others – and the 4 that will undermine you

Sales Training 101: The Basics

Designed to help the new salesperson. This lively and engaging workshop is full of activities and exercises to give participants the key basic skills needed to begin their selling careers. Participants will learn and practice specific sales skills, including:

  • Understanding the sales process
  • Recognizing a customer’s needs and wants
  • Defining features and benefits, and how to use them
  • How to develop an irresistible telephone voice
  • Getting the appointment – every time!
  • Developing sales call objectives that help you land a sale
  • 4 steps to take when they say “No”
  • How to ensure that every customer is a customer for life

Sales Training 201: Moving Up

For the established salesperson looking to enhance their sales success.  This workshop focuses on learning and applying selling skills in real-life situations. Participants will learn new skills, enhance existing skills, and create a personalized sales system to implement immediately.  Workshop topics include:

  • Selling to longer term needs and wants
  • Getting past obstacles to reach your prospect
  • 9 Rules of Listening for the Sale
  • How to ask power questions and move the sales process forward
  • Developing customized sales cycles for your different customers
  • 3 ways to be persistent without being annoying
  • Why price objections are welcome, and how to capitalize on them
  • How to expand a sale and get more than you originally asked for

I Hate to Sell, but I Have to Sell

For the small business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone who sees selling as the least favorite part of their job.  This workshop is designed to help those who have a hard time calling prospects or customers, or are afraid that customers will say “No,” every time.  Designed to give them the skills and confidence to be great salespeople. Workshop topics include:

  • 6 tips to increase confidence with prospects and customers
  • Setting up a selling system that builds confidence
  • How to feel secure quoting a price
  • 7 words that will encourage customers to learn about you and what you sell
  • Develop and practice a voice mail message that gets returned
  • Understanding how customers make buying decisions – and selling to those decisions
  • How to overcome the 4 most common reasons salespeople don’t get business
  • Making all of your sales calls productive
  • How to be assertive without being pushy