Sales Communication Skills Workshops

Communicating with others… it should be easy.

Ask questions, listen to the answers, make observations.  Simple.  But it’s so simple and obvious that it can be very challenging.  Communicating effectively with others requires work and attention.

I pay attention when I’m speaking with others, but if I’m not careful the messages and meanings can get lost.  Does this ever happen to you?   You’re trying your best, but somehow, the communication isn’t working.

My goal is to help you communicate clearly and effectively with your co-workers, customers and prospects.


Sell More by Asking Strong Questions

This highly interactive workshop is designed to help salespeople at every level.

Topics include:

  • developing your own top ten list of “power questions”
  • creating a series of great questions to start your sales call
  • asking for a commitment, and getting it
  • using a chain of open and closed questions to refine the customer’s information
  • asking questions that move the sale forward without manipulating the customer

Listening for the Sale

Listening is the most in-demand skill in the workplace today.  Listening effectively shows the customer that you respect them and their ideas.

Topics for this lively workshop include:

  • listening to your customer’s tone of voice and body language
  • using paraphrasing, not parrot-phrasing to show you’re listening
  • being an active listener, not a passive observer
  • listening for buying signals from your customer
  • identifying your listening strengths and areas for improvement
  • listening to what is “between-the-lines”